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Once upon a time…

By Zoe Gilks
August 7, 2023

Story telling has been a part of human existence since we first started communicating, it’s something that is second nature to us, that conveys meaning, learning and importantly that we can repeat.  That creates understanding, community and belonging. Either word of mouth, written, radio or visually – it evokes emotional connection when done right.

Story telling in marketing is a great way to connect with your customer.  It creates an emotional response, that is far more memorable than a set of facts or features.   It should draw out understanding of who your customer is, what they believe and what they need.  Then how your business understands their challenges and needs and can provide a solution or benefit them.  It can feed into your brand, your campaigns, your sales pitch and customer service – providing a consistent and authentic experience.

Developing a story.

At the heart of developing your story, you need a good understanding of your customer.  Who is your customer? What are their wants and needs?  What language do they use? What’s important to them? What is an instant turn off?

You also need to understand the benefits to the customer of your business – beyond the nuts and bolts – how will your customer benefit from your product or service?  What makes you unique in your customers eyes? Will your drivers for going into business connect with your customer?  Will your customers connect and care about you/the people behind your business?

As with many aspects of business can you use story telling to make something complex, simple to understand and remember?

Importantly, your story is unique to you.

So tell your story, bring it to life, create your community…and here’s to living happily ever after.