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Manifesting and your Business Success

I’m hearing manifesting increasingly often in small business terms. While I’m not convinced by the law of attraction, the idea of having a positive and repetitive belief about your vision and actions is something that could be of great value to you and your business.

I follow Mel Robbins and her podcasts and in one she discusses exactly this type of manifesting, she describes it as training your brain to believe in something that hasn’t happened yet. It’s a technique I’ve seen used in athletes – think back to try conversions in rugby and the kicker visualising the ball going through the posts before actually kicking it. You are literally training your brain to believe it’s happening and to take the action. David Hamilton in his book “Why Woo-Woo Works” also discusses this brain training and how visualisation impacts brain networks and shapes them to match this vision.

This vision should be realistic and align to your core values and with continued affirmative repetition helps that brain training to make positives actions and behaviours towards the vision. If you’ve taken one of our courses, you will be well aware that vision and values are central to our business training. So can you harness the power of manifesting personally and with your team to realise your business success?

Both Mel and David talk about the importance of repetition. Can you continually visualise the behaviours, steps and actions you need to take to realise your business vision? Mel also talks about how this prepares you for change and ultimately achieve your goals. Can you communicate your vision with your team, get them to visualise the steps they need to take, to bring them along on that journey? Socialising the vision and actions needed in a positive way so you all can visualise and so brain train to believe it will happen.

I know it won’t be for everyone, but if this is one way to build a positive mindset, self-belief and motivation for action it’s worth sharing.