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Why Should Small and Medium sized Businesses join Help to Grow Management?

You’ve embarked upon the journey of launching your own business. It’s been running for over a year. You’re now unsure about the best way to move ahead and take your business to the next level. You may have many questions about what you have achieved so far and how to access expert help to support you to grow your business. Getting yourself enrolled on the 90% funded Help to Grow Management is an excellent first step to take.

Here are a few reasons to consider taking the Help to Grow Management course from a renowned business school.

Understand your business

Help to Grow Management helps you gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the core elements of business and management. You may not have any business training or you may have undertaken training some time ago, so this acts as a great refresher with up-to-date insight and learning.

Kingston Business School offers Help to Grow Management which is specially designed for small and medium business enterprises. The course modules, run by experts, consist of everything from innovation and strategy to finance and digital adoption. These modules will help you gain deeper insight into your business and its potential. You also learn amongst a cohort of your peers, so there’s an opportunity for lateral learning and sharing of ideas, challenges and solutions to grow.

Develop essential management skills

Develop essential management skills required for any business. These skills will allow you to sustain your company in this everchanging business environment. It’ll help you develop the skills needed to respond appropriately to your business’s challenges and developments now and in the future.

Access expert help and support

Help to Grow Management is run by business experts and supported by your own personal mentor. All modules are live so you have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the expert speakers. You also get access to one-to-one mentoring – choose your business mentor to suit your individual business. After completing the course, you’ll join the growing number of alumni and continue to be supported through the alumni programme of webinars and workshops.

Learn alongside your day-to-day work

A small or medium-sized business is often a juggling act of multiple actions, responsibilities, and commitments. Help to Grow Management has been designed to work alongside your day to day. The 12 modules are run in the afternoons at the end of the week and you can choose the time to suit you for additional peer calls to embed the learning into your business. It doesn’t take you away from your business, it gets you to focus on your business.

In Conclusion

If you have questions about the course, contact Kingston Help to Grow Management on – they are there to help you grow your business!

Help to Grow Management: What is it? How to register and eligibility criteria

Help to Grow Management has been designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses to increase productivity, efficiency, resilience, retention and boost business growth. It enables leaders of these businesses to learn new approaches to apply to their business that supports their employees and business strategies. It helps companies to grow and introduces current business and management thinking that could better their business.

If you want to know more about this 90% funded course, read on. This blog focuses on what is involved, how to register and the eligibility criteria for applying for the course. So, let’s get to it.

What Is Help to Grow Management?

Help to Grow Management is a 12-week course launched and 90% funded by the government that gives you key insights across a broad spectrum of business topics that can be applied to your business and is delivered by experts from renowned UK business schools. The course involves 12 modules of practical teaching and one-on-one sessions with a business mentor that is matched to suit your individual business need. The course includes peer learning from a network of other business leaders, allowing lateral learning, brainstorming and collaboration across industry sectors. Help to Grow Management is delivered as a hybrid of both live webinar and face to face workshops to give the benefits of flexibility and in-depth support.

How do I register?

Sounds like something you and your business could benefit from? Consider registering yourself now, Kingston offer a new cohort intake every couple of months – so check out the dates that suit you. To apply, go through to this website, <> click on the Register button and fill in the short form. The Kingston Help to Grow Management team will be in touch with the next steps.

Boost your business performance, resilience, and long-term growth by learning from the best to drive your business forward.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for the course?

This course is 90% funded and to qualify your business needs to be:

● Operating for at least a year
● Between 5 and 249 employees, if you have between 10-249 employees 2 participants can join
● Not a charity

The course can be taken by a decision maker or someone from senior management within your business with at least one direct report.

Next steps:

Go through to Kingston’s Help to Grow website to learn more about this course, see video feedback from alumni, see who runs it – and register!